Lyn works with families to ensure harmony at what can often be a very distressing time. The loss of a loved one will bring all sorts of emotions to the surface and normally calm waters can quickly become unpredictable. Although it says Estate Planning Lawyer on her business card, Lyn's work goes far beyond handling the administrative paperwork; she reaches out to provide support and compassion.

"I was so grateful for the patient way you have dealt with the complicated matters of my late sister's estate. Your help and expertise were invaluable." Mrs K S, London

"...you were such a real help at such an awful time! Will never forget how you helped Steve at the end. Eternally grateful." Miss J G, Sheffield

Not everyone has their family around them and elderly people in this situation need a special kind of support to help them manage their affairs. Lyn offers personal assistance to elderly people who find that they require long term residential care and need the assurance of a trustworthy person to manage their affairs for them. In these cases, where no next of kin is able to offer support or to be on hand to assist, Lyn becomes the first point of contact and, very often, a trusted friend.

"Thank you very much for looking after our friend's affairs so brilliantly. You have proved to be so professional and compassionate and a true friend. You are always willing to go the extra mile to help. We feel very fortunate indeed!" Mr & Mrs W, Bucks

"Thank you for a super service Lyn. Top job." Ms S Mc, Bedfordshire


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